Access training materials and activities

Implementation workbook
Checklist to start your onboarding with Lucidpress and your team
Brand Templates
Learn how to configure brand tempaltes in Lucidpress
Lucidpress Editor
Learn how to properly navigate the Lucidpress editor through this quick guide
How to evaluate a printer
Successfully identify a printer for your needs
How to lock objects
Lock down your important brand elements in your documents
What are locked objects?
Learn how you can edit when there are locking restrictions
Prepare for import
Learn how to get your InDesign file ready for import
InDesign Import
Learn how to import your packaged .idml file into Lucidpress
Share your documents
Learn how to share and export your documents digitally
Learn how comment and collaborate with your team on docs
Print and Ship
Learn the basics of print and ship and frequently asked questions
Admin Panel
Learn the basics steps of setting up your brand and team
Create and use smart fields
Setup your smart fields and place them in documents
Use smart fields
Insert your data into smart fields in Lucidpress
Data Automation for admins
Setup data automation and linking with your templates
Fix font errors
When fonts don't come through correctly with InDesign import
Get Familiar with Lucidpress
Learn the basics of Lucidpress and how to use the editor
Locking Tutorial
Learn how to create from docs with locking restrictions are in place
Images Tutorial
Learn how insert and format images in the Lucidpress editor
Shape Tutorial
Learn how insert and format shapes in the Lucidpress editor
Red + Symbol
Learn how expand text boxes after importing an InDesign file
Text Tutorial
Learn how format text and paragraphs in the Lucidpress editor
Arranging and grouping
Learn the tips and tricks to moving objects around
Tables Tutorial
Learn how to create and format tables in the Lucidpress editor
Locked images/objects
Learn how to edit a document with locking restrictions
Formatting images
Learn how to format images in the Lucidpress editor
Smart fields
Test out the smart fields feature for a document in Lucidpress