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Multiple profile and logo images

Add primary, secondary, and tertiary logos and profile images to your account
(currently available to Pro, Team, and Business)

Smart brand assets 

Apply your branding automatically to templates
(currently available to Pro, and Team - in private beta for Enterprise)

Disable cover page with spreads

Disable cover page for spreads

Don't need a cover page? No problem, you can make each page side by side without a cover page by selecting the cover page with spreads option in the document configuration settings.

Doc specific approval

When converting or editing a brand template, you can exempt documents created from the template from the approval process. Note, It is also possible to have the approval process turned off for the account and have individual templates require document approvals.
(Currently available to Enterprise)

Doc specific approval

If you have a specific user who does not need the approval process, you can grant them a special permission to bypass the approval process.
(Currently available to Enterprise)

Page flip animations

Enable a page flip animation for your published documents.
(Currently available to Pro and up)

Image smart fields

Auto-populate images in designated placeholders from your datasource.
(Currently available to Enterprise)

Dynamic resize

Quickly resize your documents without needing to adjust content
(currently available to Pro and up)


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